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We create responsive websites and develop business application software:

Since early 2015, Google has been docking unresponsive websites in Google searches performed on a mobile device.

We meet and exceed the latest requirements.  Most of our competition do not.

See for yourself.  Test A Website Here.

Now please test our competition.  Just plug in the URL for their home page

Before you spend hundreds of dollars or weeks of your time with an unresponsive company or an obsolete template, test!

If you have a business, you can't afford to do it yourself or outsource to Asia.  We are local, we are better and we cost less than free if you factor in your time or lost business.

If your website is not getting the best results possible, we can fix it!

With all due respect to the lovely girl in the picture, she is hot.  To the nth Degree!

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CIT Services is a full service software development company in Connecticut.

If you are relying on social media, you are preaching to the choir.  For the most part you cannot find new customers using social media designed for people that are already your friends.


If your website was designed before 2015, it is obsolete and due for an upgrade.

  • Real Service in the internet age

    It is tempting for us to proclaim our technical prowness here.  Our skills are top-notch and current, but skills do not set us apart from the competition.  Many other companies, large and small, have top-notch current skills.

    It is tempting to proclaim competitive prices on this primary tab.  We are local but we can compete on price against the offshore companies.  If you may wonder how this is possible, it is because one of the original rules in Information Technology is still true today: 

    A good software developer is more productive than 2 average software developers and costs less.

    We proclaim that CIT's primary advantage over our competition is not prowness or price; it is service.  Our service is better because we are small and because we are local and because we care.  Our customers are not faceless people we will never meet.  We are not a front for developers in Asia.

  • Video Recording and Production

    OK, we confess.  Video does not pay the bills.  It only pays for the vacation and is more like a paying hobby than a regular business.  We rarely do weddings or similar events, this is more typical: CIT Services

    There is also a lot more information about video on the main menu at the top of the page.

  • Website Design, Development and Promotion in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New England

    Design is choosing a theme, a color scheme, fonts and appearance.  It is also about choosing a target audience.

    Development is coding to meet the design goals.  There is considerable overlap between design, development and promotion.  For example:

    • A website that is poorly coded cannot meet promotion or design standards.  Unless the coding is free of common syntax errors, it may look fine in Chrome but terrible in a Microsoft or Apple browser.  If a website is poorly coded it will not meet Google standards and be docked.

    • A design may be impractical when coding starts.  Or a design may be too expensive to develop.  Everyone has a budget.

    • Design, Development and Search Engine Optimization (promotion) are not standalone sections of a website.  There is overlap and it is an iterative process.

    The same person should do all 3 functions, even if it takes a little longer or costs a little more.  Having a sales person do your design and someone in India doing the development is a recipe for a website that performs very poorly in its primary task, finding customers for your business.

  • Microsoft Office, QuickBooks and a good business card is not enough to run a successful small business.

    Whether you need a little help setting up a server or you need a custom business application, we can deliver what you need.

    CIT Services is more than a website development company.  In fact, website design has become what we do between software development projects.  Our specialties are ASP.NET with C# and Microsoft SQL Server.

    If you prefer another database, we can also support Oracle and PostgreSQL, but we do not believe in using insecure and under-powered databases like MySQL or Microsoft Access.

    If you prefer another development environment we are certified in Java although it has been a few years.  C# and Java are very similar.  We do not believe in using under-powered or insecure development languages like Visual Basic or PHP.

    Our goal is to deliver solid and secure systems, not a cheap app and not something that gets us out of bed in the middle of the night.  Business is not a game and you, as a businessperson, should think twice about contracting with a company that uses tools designed for cheap mobile apps or video games.  ASP.NET, Java, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL are all business grade development tools.  Other than these 5, very little else is business grade.

  • CIT is a local Connecticut software development and website design company.  We are not interested in Boston or New York customers but it is difficult to attract customers in the surrounding towns without putting the name of the town into the header of the Home page.  It would be nice if Google would rank every page in a website the same, but they don't, so our only realistic choice is to have separate websites for the major surrounding towms.  Here they are:

  • The announcement that we have started your new website or software development project should be here. 

    Why don't you contact us and we can get started?  Why procrastinate?